VCV Bridge on Linux

Hello! I’m fairly new to VCV Rack but am loving it so far. I’m trying to get the Bridge working so I can integrate it with Ardour. I copied the vst file to /usr/lib/vst and symlinked that folder to /usr/lib/lxvst since I’ve seen both referenced in various documentation. However, the Bridge device doesn’t show up in either Ardour or Rack, so I’m clearly missing something. Are there additional steps needed to get vst plugins working more generally in Linux? Or are there more Rack-specific steps needed that aren’t found in the documentation? For reference, I followed the (brief) instructions found here:

I tried to run it using the method that you describe without success, I have a poorly performance, perhaps the better way connect it is Jack.

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Do you have other VSTs installed that do show up in Ardour ? (You need to be sure that your Ardour build supports native VSTs). However, IIRC the Bridge VST is deprecated by the developer (but I might be wrong about that).

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Few days ago I bridged VCV Rack with Bitwig. I copied the .so files to /usr/lib/lxvst, maybe you can try to remove the symlink and copy to /usr/lib/lxvst, works with Ubuntu.

Bridge is deprecated. JACK is the Linux-native means of doing what you are trying to do here.

Ardour and Non-Mixer actually use JACK ports natively when using JACK instead of ALSA. You can confirm in patchage (or newer QJackCtl’s graph viewer) that any routing you have done in Ardour, is actually being carried out by JACK. If you want to mix VST effects with Rack signals in Ardour you would insert a send/recieve in the Ardour mixer.


Thanks everyone. If the Bridge is deprecated I’ll try JACK. I’ll also file an issue to update the documentation, since it doesn’t indicate that the Bridge is deprecated, at least as far as I can tell

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