VCV audiounit in Logic - Midi timing is only working properly when a track is armed for recording!

Hello :slight_smile:

I am trying out the new audio unit, which I am pretty thankful for. Been waiting for it since VCV 2 was released.

But I am experiencing an issue with midi timing. I have 2 VCV audio instruments tracks in my Logic project, one for kick and one for bass.

Kick is playing 1/4, bass is playing 16th notes. But for the bass playing the 16th notes, the timing is very weird, it sounds almost like swing is applied to the track, in a not so cool and uncontrolled fashion. There are 2 ways to make it sound right, either arm the recording function for the bass track or highlight/select the bass track. But that’s just work around, it should not be necessary to do this.

I am using an M1 Macbook Pro, Logic 10.7.1(Running via Rosetta2) and VCV2 Pro(Yes I bought it).

Before this release I was using Cardinal, cause of the lack of audio unit version of VCV2 Pro and in older versions of Cardinal, this midi timing thing was also an issue, but in the newer versions of Cardinal it’s working with no issues.

What can the reason be for this?

I should probably send this to VCV support, it’s probably something that has to be recoded, but thought I’d swing it by the forum anyway.