Vcv audio module: issues with steinberg ASIO driver and yamaha Montage

HI does anyone know why this is happening?

Im using Windows 10/ Yamaha Montage using steinberg USB driver. internal graphics card.

The audio module - when selecting ASIO and trying to pick from ASio options VCV freezes and says not responding for about 5 seconds before letting pick ASIO 4 all, fl studio asio or my Steinberg audio interface.

The second issue is that I can pick from USB pairs but not my main LR out line. This is indicated by the Yamaha Steinberg USB audio pairs in the image.

The Main LR out line is not recognized here and is what is recognized by all by other DAWS. That line will show up if I select WASAPI drivers and then I will see options to select Interface Montage Out 1-2.

The only way to display the Main LR out line is using WASAPI or Direct Sound. Asio%20options%20no%20MAin%20LR%20out !

Here is the image of the WASAPI optionsWASAPI%20options%20Main%20LR%20out%20available


Did you get any feedback on the audio issue using VCV? I am on WIN 10 with a Focusrite Scarlet 8i6 3rd gen USB interface. My studio system is stable and fully functional with loads of software but VCV does´n´t let me select any ASIO device at all.

Thanks in advance. Heiko

Im just going to wait for VCV 2

ASIO on Windows is generally locked to your interface so you won’t usually be able to access other ASIO driven devices while your interface is locking the driver. You may be able to use ASIO4ALL to create aggregated devices, but I always found it led to unacceptable latency and crashy behaviour, but YMMV

HI I found this. Anyone know if it works with VCV? How To Set Up And Use Multiple Audio Outputs On Windows 10