VCV as real Eurorack

Hello everyone, I am just starting to use VCV and ready to explore its endless possibilities. But I want to take a very different approach Rather than having access to every module, as a starter, I want to have a limit to a particular size which I don’t want to exceed.

From my understanding and knowledge so far, this is what I have built.

Please tell me if the number of modules is ok? as in, number of VCA, VCO, and Envelops. Suggest me as I am a beginner to this.

Thank you

8 channel Mixer is also added but I will count it as an external part and not including it within my limit of modules.

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A few of us are fans of the form. I always tinker with mine, and it barely resembles how it started out 6 months ago.
Allows you to build an instrument to truly learn. What do you wish to do with a modular? I’m focusing on aleatoric techno in my fixed rack.

From what I see here, I feel you could use more VCA / attenuverters, and a mixer.

Not that we had a big conversation about it, but you might want to refer to the “fixed rack” thread too:

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I am looking for something that can generate evolving sounds/sequences. atmospheric and melodic.

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Upload the patch and I’ll let you know how I get on. Not that I’m a voice of experience nor have much time soon.

Where is it all going? Are you using a mixer outside of the fixed rack?

Personally I would like some logic and some kind of unity mixer so that I could combine the gates from SEQ-3 (I’m guessing this is where your clock is coming from).

I think I could have some fun with it though, looks like a sensible fixed rack, but a again I’m not expert and have only used VCV Rack for modular.

If you search around here, and on facebook, you fill find a lot of posts on this topic or the similar “I’m starting out, which modules should I use?”

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You might want to consider not limiting yourself until you get a good idea what modules work for the type of music you want to create. Also, there are a few videos on the internet of very nice ambient examples where they provide a breakdon of modules they used to help give you an idea. I am suggesting this as there are so many great modules in the VCV rack library, and a lot of different approaches to making Eurorack music so theres a lot to try out and discover. Once you settle on a more static rack design, you may still end up swapping out modules now and then.

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I’m also a fan of fixed racks. Limitations always encourage creativity and experimentation. For my experience, i can say you need to know, at least roughly, how each and every module in your rack works and what to expect from it. Otherwise, you can get frustrated very soon because you can’t achieve what you have in mind. On the other hand, the “patch and see what happens” approach is also fun and can lead to happy accidents. Never underestimate the power of randomness.

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A few more thoughts: since the crazy high cost of modules, most people build their rack starting with few modules and expanding from there. This could be an advanced way to learn how modular works and a more realistic experience.

my fixed rack changes every time i use it but less so over time as my true interests come into better focus.

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