VCV and Arturia's Analog Lab V

Hi everyone, I’m relatively new to VCV and I’m exploring it, so forgive the question which may seem trivial. I would like to “drive” Arturia’s Analog lab V through VCV; in practice I create a small rack and I would like to extract gates and notes to send to a midi module (in this case AL V Arturia) you can help me, also through links where there are examples such as make these two entities communicate? Thanks in advance for your support. Roberto

Three options

  1. Buy the host module so lab could appear in rack free or pro
  2. Buy rack pro so you can generate midi from rack in your daw.
  3. Use a virtual midi cable (like iac on Mac) and run the arturia as a standalone and have a midi out in rack

The third is free but is the most os dependent and uncoupled

Good luck!


Spot on. Option 1 is probably the easiest, and best value for money (Host module costs much less than Pro, and as a bonus you can run free VST plugins in Host-FX). Also you don’t need to use MIDI, just gate and pitch CV within a standalone Rack patch.

If you want to use regular MIDI sequencing, I think it’s probably best to support the project and pony up for VCV Pro (although there is 4th option which is free - see below).

Option 3 is a bad idea on Windows OS!

Option 4 - if you already use a DAW, and just want to try sending some modular sequences to a VSTi, have a look at Cardinal - this is a fork of VCV that runs as a free VST. I prefer the way it works in a DAW, but there are fewer modules and no library or commercial options, just a preset selection of developers which are open source.

Having written all that, it does sound confusing! I use standalone/Host, Pro and Cardinal depending on what I want to do… :upside_down_face:


Yes. Host module. It’s a $30 must-have in any case.

Just like this, here with Kontakt:



This is what I did and I’ve had a lot of fun with it.


Cardinal has a subset of the open source modules. I don’t know the stats, but I would expect it’s a small subset?

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Just over a thousand modules from 73 devs, which sounds a decent amount but I do find it quite restrictive. Missing Vult, Nysthi and Chronoblob is a problem for me (and Squinky Labs obviously) :wink:

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I think to be in there you need to use the exact matching GPL license (3+) and also maybe do something special to get included there? My old Squinky Labs had GPL 3, not 3+. My current Squinktronix modules are 3+, but I haven’t rang on their doorbell to get in there.

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I rang no doorbell, but I am there.


Maybe if you are well known and in demand they add you automatically? I guess I should see if I’m in there (although Squnktronix is hardly “well know” at this point).

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I have not idea how I ended up there. I found out when everyone else did.

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But, I also use Host and have been very happy with the Arturia Analog Lab V collection.

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Hello everyone, thanks for the interesting discussion that clarified my ideas in terms of VCV interface - something else. Thank you all because you have addressed different solutions. I chose (having VCV Pro) to “exchange” midi data through Ableton among many others which seemed practical for now even if - BRIDGE - I’m interested in the method, I think I will purchase it in the future. Thanks everyone and good music! Roberto