VCV 2 Free and Pro - Do they share the same library folder?

Hi, I am about to finally buy VCV Rack 2 Pro after using 1 and 2 Free for a long time. One question though: if I keep both Free and Pro on the same computer, will they share the same module library folder (in USER / Documents folder) or will it be duplicated, one for Free and one for Pro)? I specifically ask because I have a few modules that are not in the official Library (Friedrich’s Audio for example)

Thanks a lot for your help

Once you have Pro, there is no need to keep Free. Free and Pro (standalone) are exactly the same but with Pro you also get additional VST plugins.

There is only one module library folder so if you did keep Free for some reason, they would share that.


It would be more useful to keep Rack V1 (in addition to V2) for any favourite plugins that have not been (or won’t be) ported to V2, such as Aria Salvatrice’s.

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