vcv 2.4 / Live 11 / ES-8 aggregate problems...

HI all!

Mac M1. Running VCV 2.4 in Live 11 (AU, VST not showing), Es-8 aggregated with a Motu M4. Having all kind of problems but mainly I can send stuff to ES-8 through Audio-16, but can’t receive anything. Also cv-to-midiCC crashes all. When I first installed ES-8 some time ago, (but I suspect I was on Live 10 in VST, VCV 2.1 ?..) everything was smooth for a short honeymoon period. After I dared change the tempo of my project, everything went nuts for ever. Since then I’m battling to make it works, upgrading and all, with no success. Suggestions welcomed before I make a clean install of everything, which I’m not really fond of.

you need the arm64 version (which is 2.4.1) to have it show up in Live running in native mode, or run live under rosetta, and the VST should show up. The rest I have no idea, as I neither own any hardware modules and don’t know what is needed to get that to work…

Thanks fractalegee. I run 2.4.1 so both vcv and Live are arm64, so au only. So is AU the problem ? beyond confused.

Does everything work OK with Rack in standalone mode?

Assuming it does, and even if it doesn’t, try the ES-8 and Motu M4 separately, and if that works create a new aggregate device maybe.

[I’m out of my depth with running it in Ableton as I only ever connect my ES-9 and Presonus 1810c to Rack separately, not aggregated, and only to Rack standalone.]

im having the same issues you describe, standalone works for both the in and out but vst only the outs work , did you ever get it sorted, vcv support blew me off with. just sue the daw driver but then I can’t use the es8 … lemme know if you sorted it out \

For the most part, a VST can only do what the DAW lets it do. It isn’t an indendent application.

There are possible was to get around things like that, but can be expensive to build and test for all platforms, all for fairly narrow use cases.

I legit had it working for one session

When you get output from an interface but no input on Mac, more often than not it is related to the app not having permission to access the microphone. Check that for both Rack and the DAW.

When using aggregate devices it can be easy to get channels mixed up and sometimes the DAW or Rack can expose them in unexpected ways… worth checking that what you expect to be coming in on channel 3 or whatever isn’t coming in on some other channel.

thanks , I definitely try all the channels cause I know there’s some confusion on the numbering on the es8. and ya first thing I did was make sure mic was enabled , for ableton and vcv which it was