VCV 1.1.4 Crash

Hi to all. After update to 1.1.4 i have a continuing crash. I don’t know why.
This is a log file.

Please let me know.
Tk’s a lot.

[15.977 info src/patch.cpp:84] Saving patch /Users/Robinmaster/Documents/Rack/autosave-v1.vcv
[15.982 info src/settings.cpp:196] Saving settings /Users/Robinmaster/Documents/Rack/settings-v1.json
[30.544 fatal src/main.cpp:38] Fatal signal 11. Stack trace:
9: 1   Rack                                0x000000010f971e29 _ZL18fatalSignalHandleri + 41
8: 2   libsystem_platform.dylib            0x00007fff7df65b5d _sigtramp + 29
7: 3   ???                                 0x0000600003e4ea00 0x0 + 105553181600256
6: 4   plugin.dylib                        0x000000011017fd44 _ZN6plaits5Voice6RenderERKNS_5PatchERKNS_11ModulationsEPNS0_5FrameEm + 1236
5: 5   plugin.dylib                        0x000000011013ab72 _ZN6Plaits7processERKN4rack6engine6Module11ProcessArgsE + 1650
4: 6   Rack                                0x000000010f9c90ae _ZN4rack6engineL18Engine_stepModulesEPNS0_6EngineEi + 462
3: 7   Rack                                0x000000010f9c9b0b _ZNSt3__114__thread_proxyINS_5tupleIJNS_10unique_ptrINS_15__thread_structENS_14default_deleteIS3_EEEEZN4rack6engine6Engine5startEvE3$_0EEEEEPvSC_ + 1115
2: 8   libsystem_pthread.dylib             0x00007fff7df6e2eb _pthread_body + 126
1: 9   libsystem_pthread.dylib             0x00007fff7df71249 _pthread_start + 66
0: 10  libsystem_pthread.dylib             0x00007fff7df6d40d thread_start + 13

How do you get this crash? I see Plaits mentioned, does it crash without that?

The crash sucks after about a minute without touching anything or when I change some parameters

You should report the crash here:


Delete the autosave and open a new patch. Does the crash still happens?

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there’s “Plaits” string in the crash dump, try deleting audible plugins to force reinstalling it.

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See all those garblish strings? Those are C++ ‘mangled’ symbols. You can run the text through a program called c++filt to get them in human-readable text. It’s available on both Linux and MacOSX.

As for crashes, on Linux 1.1.4 crashes on exit every time. It has to do with freeing the same global variable twice.

Core dumps here on exit in linux too, always has.

I don’t think there is a crash here on Ubuntu Mate 18.04
The terminal doesn’t say anything after exiting

It doesn’t show in terminal here until I hit enter.

[1]+ Segmentation fault (core dumped) ./Rack

Nothing here even after clicking enter :slight_smile: Must depend of the distros i guess

The stack trace is trying to tell you that Plaits is crashing, as someone else has pointed out a few time. Try not using it - does the problem go away?

There is a demangler website!

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On linux here and when I run from a terminal and Quit from the menu the terminal just prints Segmentation Fault, nothing else.

This is configurable. Mostly the default setting for user accounts is to not dump core.