=== vcp challenge #72 (august edition): ice tray ===

Thanks Lars. Not sure if I will perform your Ice Tray piece tomorrow, more likely next Monday night. But tomorrow I am sharing the virtual stage with ilyAIMY for two hours, and will be using lots of VCV Rack. More info at Dave Venom music and patches - Upcoming "Live From The Lair" performance - #77 by DaveVenom

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I’ve finally gotten around to making a recording. Patch isn’t quite what it used to be; see my initial post way up there. Still, the core is the same: one Ice Tray with grain sized recording and playback times, the other one for additional sprinkles through an HP filter and Clouds. I’ve been tinkering with this patch quite a bit, swapping OSCs back and forth, one time it had a sequencer and so on, so there are some redundant bits in here (the ADSR, mostly)

The Ice Tray core of it:


Well I finally did perform my take on Lars’ Dreaming of Ice Trays on August 22, but failed to capture a high quality audio recording. You can watch the raw Zoom broadcast footage here

I still wanted decent audio, so I finally recorded an un-broadcast version last night. My video capture software spazzed out a few times, but I managed to get some good audio.

I made a few modifications to the patch:

  • Slowed the tempo considerably
  • Lengthened the envelopes
  • Dropped the Basal bass line by 1 octave and added modulation
  • Created another voice by routing the raw Basal output through a recursive resonant filter with an LFO driven frequency sweep, followed by a delay.

Very cool Dave, I enjoyed it!


any suggestions for the september edition?

As for a module/collection I would suggest dBiz. Or how about a cover (of one’s choosing) challenge?

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How about “Tidal Modulator 2” aka. Tides (2 / 2018)? I feel like this is such an overlooked and super-capable module, which is actually really interesting, can make great sounds and you can build entire patches with it.

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I would like a: “patch without any sequencer module”


good suggestions all, but this one is right up my alley! and because my birthday falls in september, i’m going with this.