=== vcp challenge #66: route 66 ===

you are challenged to make a patch in vcv rack to showcase creative use of modules, so other users may get inspired. you can also win eternal fame!

for this edition, the number made me think of route 66 and cars. so your challenge is to download this field recording (public domain) and use it to make a patch. you can mangle it, cut it in pieces, process it any which way. let’s see what you can come up with!

good luck!

== rules ==

  • make a patch in vcv rack and upload your patch to patchstorage.com and/or in your reply to this thread
  • tag your upload with vcp-66
  • make a video showcasing your patch and upload it to youtube (if possible)
  • add a link to your video as a comment to this post
  • give feedback on other participants’ patches

deadline: monday end of the day, wherever you are, june 14th


I assume, mangling and processing should be done exclusively in the Rack :thinking:

preferably. but host is an option if you want to bring vsts into play.

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66 Ways to Get High

The only sound source for this is the sample itself

Echoflex vcp-66.vcv (233.3 KB)



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Wav Bank is used to loop the sample and create 4 separate channels of “noise” percussion. There’s also a kick, bass line and an external MIDI KB to play bits and pieces of the Route 66 melody.


Route 66: the Courts of Chaos

My submission for VCP challenge #66, route 66.

This mostly generative quasi-ambient composition has nothing to do with the other songs by the same name. It does use a sound recording of the actual road forming a background drone and used in two other voices as a source of audio data. Lots of S&H sequences with logic and Bernoulli gates and segmentation achieved by using comparators on Caudal. I only had to unmute some channels on the mixer and twist the threshold of the comparators for the performance.

The video is a project in touch designer, again somewhat audio reactive. The ‘fractal sky’ visual reminded me of the sky as described in the ‘The Courts of Chaos’ by Roger Zelazny. You can kind of imagine that you are travelling on the Black Road approaching the Courts.


Q: Why did the duck cross the road?

A: Because it was Route 66!


Hi! Your touch designer work is a nice addition to the tunes. Do you generally use the complete recording, or record individual tracks to drive the animation? I see the patch is set up for one recording of all tracks. But I can’t tell watching the clip if you used the whole thing or perhaps recorded it differently to use specific tracks. Good little trippy space drive. Nice work!

Generally just the complete recording with some audio processing CHOPs in touch designer to give me a set of parameters to inject into the visualizations. I tried doing this kind of work directly from VCV with the CV/OSC bridge from trowaSoft but that caused too many glitches in the audio having both VCV and touch designer working hard’on the same laptop. I could also record into multiple tracks including some pure CV tracks and then put them in the final mix in touch designer, but that hasn’t been necessary yet. The videos are more a byproduct of the music.

Route 2066

My entry to the challenge - a slow ambient-like patch. The patch is made by feeding the highway traffic sounds into Audible Instruments Resonator (Mutable Instruments Rings clone). The pitch changes are generated by Algoritmarte MusiMath. The sound is mixed with the original one and a lot of reverb/delay is added. The animation is made with Processing 3.

The .zip file with the .vcv patch and the original .wav can be downloaded here:


Ah, love this! I also, of course, plonked the recording into Resonator hoping it would magically spit out good ambient - like this is - but didn’t get anywhere close. Verrry nice!


Wanted to do an ambient track, didn’t do an ambient track. Instead, the recording gets jumped around in by triggers from a Bernoulli Gates and friends AND&OR setup, pitched up and VCA’d by AD and Punch in one instance before and in another after the Resonator, driven by the same trigs. Mindmeld and Plateau/ValhallaSupermassive offscreen. Patch in the video has some Midi going on - drums’ mutes and most notably the brighter voice’s Attack and Decay - I left that out in the file:


Everything in the base is made with the same sampĺe. Later I added a slide guitar just to make noise.


Superb! I was smiling from the first chord. :slight_smile:

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The given recording mostly sounded like noise, so what to do? Treat it like noise!

  1. Create a drumkit out of it, with a kick, a snare and open and closed hihat. I almost got nostaligic when hearing the same sounds that I got out of the kick-and-snare patch that I used to make on my first synthesizer (Kawai 100F);
  2. feed the recording into S&H to generate random melodies, slow for the bass and fast for the lead voice. The bass transposes the quantisation of the lead voice;
  3. use an envelope follower to control the cut-off frequencies of the filters.

And finally: add some reverb. And that’s it!




I have a fairly serious aversion to signing up to websites (probably because of my social phobia). Is there anywhere that this can be gotten aside from freesound? (yes I know this is a stupid question but I can’t help it).

In Algoritmarte’s .zip on Patchstorage