=== vcp challenge #62: instruō saïch ===

you are challenged to make a patch in vcv rack to showcase creative use of modules, so other users may get inspired. you can also win eternal fame!

for this edition, the challenge is to make a patch with instruō saïch

== rules ==

  • make a patch in vcv rack and upload your patch to patchstorage.com and/or in your reply to this thread
  • tag your upload with vcp-62
  • make a video showcasing your patch and upload it to youtube (if possible)
  • add a link to your video as a comment to this post
  • give feedback on other participants’ patches

deadline: monday end of the day, wherever you are, april 5th


So, the day that VCP challenge #62 is out, Omri Cohen submits a youtube video and patch demonstrating the module … oh well, here’s mine.

The instruo saich module a quad sawtooth oscillator with several modes in how each of the quad oscillators interact. It actually has seven modes, so I used all of them for 7 voices. The only non saich generating module is a hora hi-hat.

It sounds a bit muddy, hence the name.


Generative patch using Instruo Saich. The top row is the generative voice part. It’s convoluted…but the Saich modules are set to intervals. Different pitches are sent in to the 4 VCOs and then it crossfades between the two modules. I originally had it setup for microtonal (good old TET 24) but went back to a minor scale.


My entry to the challenge … I cheated and created an entry valid both to the VCV 1 min. challenge and VCP-62 :partying_face:

The Instruō saïch is very powerful (and I’m far from usinng all its power), the only complaint is that the selection of the Intervallic Offset is not immediate (the four leds I,II,III,IIII could be used to show the interval selected in binary format).

The patch can be downloaded here:


Apologies if this is not the right place but is anyone else having the issue with saich that when the Mix Profile is Smart Pairs, there’s silence at the fader position 0.2?

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There should be silence at extreme left or right. Does it match the manual at all?

Screen Shot 2021-03-28 at 3.24.25 PM

That’s all fine, as indicated by the fader’s light towards the edges. But precisely at 0.2, there’s this: Light’s off. Sound’s off. When I modulate across this point, there’s a pop


Yep I got it too at exactly 0.2. It’s a bug :frowning_face:

two on the right 0.199 and 0.201 one on the left 0.2

Windows 10

What OS? It’s fine on my mac.

That’s a shame. You can see the osc I light is on but not the IV.

EDIT: here is my corresponding version… Screen Shot 2021-03-28 at 4.07.28 PM

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Thanks for the confirmation. I’ll modulate in a smaller range then :slight_smile:

(Btw. I had not really warmed up to Saich initially - this, again, is/has been a really nice challenge!!)





My entry for the challenge.


A really cool piece of music ! Thank You for sharing.

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An LFO with a variable rate drives the player and the recorder of pdArray. It’s like a crazy sampler.


Where is the voice of Grace Jones? :sunglasses:

Seriously, great rhythm!

Keeping feet still doesn’t work :smiley:

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Here’s my submission! :pineapple: Sorry there’s no video, but I got some audio for ya. Hope you enjoy. :slight_smile:

(Patch notes are on the Patchstorage post.)

This was my first time participating in one of these challenges, and it was quite fun. Next time I’ll try to not wait so long before the deadline though. :joy: :sweat_smile:

All of you did awesome on your submissions. :+1: :ok_hand: See ya next challenge.


Well, here we are. This week I’m on time. I kind of bounced off the Instruo modules when they first came out. It’s not that I thought they were bad but that I couldn’t really get much out of them as software as well as them not being poly in the VCVRack way. What can I say, I like chords. So I was a little surprised to find a sound I really liked that just instantly inspired this sqwooshy 70’s synth patch:

I’m not sure about the claps or some aspects of the structure but otherwise I’m unusually happy with it. Saich itself seems pretty nice and that filter is great, I’m sure I’ll use that again. Not so sure about the VCA, it seems to really color the sound. Anyway, the patch follows. Any suggestions?

vcp-62.vcv (1.2 MB)