VCO vs VCO-1 library


Maybe a stupid question, but it’s getting me crazy :slight_smile: I am a newbie, and just started with VCV RACK 2 Pro. I find a lot of tutorials with the module VCO-1 and i can only find VCO in my library. If i search the VCV library i find VCO-1 and says “included” but where can i find it in the program?

Thank you very much, Cheers, Kris.

Hi and welcome to the forum!

VCO-1 is VCO in v2 hope that helps.



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Hi Eurikon,

Thank you for clarifying, I was afraid that it was this. I guess i will have to figure out what the difference is (naming) between the old modules and the new ones. : )

Regards, Kris.

There used to be a VCO-1 and a VCO-2

VCO-2 got a significant upgrade in Rack 2 and is now called Wavetable VCO (WT VCO)

As there is no longer a VCO-2, the name VCO-1 no longer really made sense - so it is now just VCO

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Thank you Steve for the info! Could it also be that modules from V1 are not working in V2? I try to replicate this project: VCV Rack Patch - Techno Rumble Kick (with reverb) - Studio Brootle. I found the VCV Library - SV Modular Gnome module and i added it to my library, but the update does not pick it up. Also when i click “Browse all modules from SV Modular” on the page, i got an empty VCV library page.

multiple issues here. Most modules haven’t changed or been renamed.

some modules did not make it to VCV 2, or haven’t made it yet.

patches will load, although some modules could be missing. VCO-1 will not be missing, it will be replaced by VCO.

I don’t quite understand what you say about the library having no VCV library - it sounds like you aren’t logged in?

They won’t show in the library because they haven’t been updated to v2 yet I think and at the moment the library only shows v2 modules. Not sure how you found a link to it, if I search for gnome in the library I get 7 pages of things not related to gnome (I really hate this fuzzy searching).

They probably allready know - but I have mailed about it.

It is a bit frustrating that there is not a mechanism to select a rack version while browsing the Library. Not a concern for me, but I don’t understand how someone who opts to remain on V1 for the time being is supposed to add additional plugins if the V1 library is not readily accessible.

I am able to find V1 only module library pages by Googling the name of the plugin or module. I haven’t tried subscribing or unsubscribing using these “hidden” pages.

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Wow, what a support here! Thank you all very much!

In de meantime i got my Techno Kick rumble working with other modules! Can’t wait to implement them in Ableton live over VST!

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v1 plugins are the ones on this page that are number 1.n.n

Thanks for the info. That is simple enough, and works well as long as you know what you are looking for.

But it doesn’t really help if you want to browse V1 modules by text search or tag. I think there is still good justification for having a version switch when browsing the library.

Speaking of browsing the library, I’m not sure the proper place to make library feature requests, but it would be very useful to have an additional “subscription” filter.

By default, all plugins/modules would be shown.

Selecting Unsubscribed (or Not Added) could be very useful when looking for a new module to add. You could specify a tag or text search and not have to wade through countless modules that you already have.

Selecting Subscribed (or Added) could be very useful when cleaning up your module subscriptions. You could pick a category (tag) like VCO, and then browse what you have and quickly remove the ones you don’t want.

The plugins page does have the option to display only subscribed plugins. But strangely it does not have the option to show only unsubscribed.

(Reg. the SV Modular/Gnome plugin)

It’s working as intended, according to this

Hi Andrew,

An instant project check/convert with options from V1 to V2 would be nice. Kind of a quick database check up of modules that have to be replaced (and suggestions).

Or an version export list of the project modules that you can check listed here:

Regards, Kris.

Yup. And if you sort by updated, like so:

It will pretty much show you 2.x versions on top, 1.x versions in the middle and 0.x versions at the bottom.