VCO query: 1. very analog / 2. rough ones for 2OP-FM + sync

Hello again:

What VCOs should i have a look at:

  1. Very analog ones ( to check filters, and to do some old scool patches / i´m new to it in digital domain)

  2. more my home: rough sounding VCOs vs. Sync @ 2OP-FM patches. Like the difference was between a clavia Nordmodular1 (rough sounding) and the G2 ( way more refined sounding) I look for the nice, rough sync sound behave on 2OP-FM patches. (FM-sync clusters, could be more than 2 VCOs)

Whats to check ? i´m lost in the flood. ( the big part of my time is eaten up by dealing with FX / creating FX patches in my host of choice, which is very time consuming)

My bad advice is to let go of the analog versus digital divide, it’s all digital here, some are just coded to act a little more or less like analog. But you could have a classic MOOGish vibe with the VCV VCO or the Surge XT Classic VCO. The Surge has some extra fun like oscillator drift available in the right click. Filter wise I love the Vult filters and the VCV VCF and the Surge XT VCF is a toolbox of many filters with added distortion and crazy resonance available.

For less analog vibe and more texture I really recommend Geodesics Dark Energy ( ring mod and fm built in) and Surge XT Wavetable has just hundreds of presets and unique shapes to try out. For another kind of fun I also dig the the Befaco PonyVCO is a great fm device with thru zero linear fm, I put 2 together all the time. I also dig Opulus and UOpulus, fun fm style osc that uses ratio bound fm for manageable textures that still can get bizarre. If you have never given the Mutable ports a try, they are lots of fun, the Macro Osc and Macro 2 are great designs with interesting options, the Palette module is a Plaits clone with great labeling that makes it lots easier to get dialed in. Also just because, there are significant non-linearities designed into the Instruo collection that approach an analog type warmth and character, but can also be rough and highly textured just depending on the modules and the modulation. I don’t use them a lot, but they have a unique high quality voice for the VCV Rack and do inspire at times.

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you are forgetting Kitchen Sink, which is still a pretty popular FM VCO with sync.

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A great VCO that I haven’t spent enough time with to actually recommend. But your collection has a number of strong designs, thanks again.

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just a concept to word things out, vs. what i meant :wink:

haha, you are so right.

Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated. since i really don´t have too much time to spend with VCV.

…despite the fact that “I” can lose -in general- so so much time just comparing 3 VCOs or 3 VCFs against each other

I would definitely check out the Vult oscillators and filters.


My favorite analog style oscillators are the Sub-Oscillator from Slime Child Audio or Substitute by Squinky Labs.

But yeah +1 for Vult… Bleak and Vessek are amazing

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