Valuable Tool I just figured out: Copy/Paste in value dialog.

A lot of people already know this, but it’s something I’ve recently realized is valuable, no pun intended. It’s not a huge insight, but it may not have occurred to some people.

For the purposes of this little mini-tip, where it says “ctrl” it’s referring to the control key. When I want to refer to any rack module control I’ll call it a “knob” though it works on switches & sliders etc.

If you right click (cntrl-click on Mac) on any knob in Rack, it shows you a little dialog window where you can type in an exact value. Or you can click initialize.

More and more I’ve needed to use values more than once, i.e. on a mixer, setting all faders to -12dB. Another common use case is to copy a note value from one step to the other in a sequencer.

While the dialog is up you can copy the value with cntrl-C (command-C on Mac) and then right click on another control and ctrl-V (command-V on Mac) to paste it. Then two controls/knobs will have the precise same value.

BONUS MINI-TIP: Using the right click and type value is very useful when you want a very small value. You can type a seven digit value (example 0.000001) and it will stick. It’s almost impossible to twist a knob and land on small values like that; it’s below the visible mous resolution. You can even use scientific notation (i.e. 5e-5) for 5 x 10^5, for 0.0005

I use this a lot for FM levels, because a very small FM scaling has a sound that’s not DX7-Clangy, just harmonically richer in a musical way.


In v2 you can even enter mathematical expressions…