'Valhalla Shimmer reverb style' module

Hello out there, is there anyone there? Is there a reverb module that will do similar fx to Valhalla Shimmer type fxs? Would a good delay and reverb combo do the task? Any recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks Adrian/Kleinemaschinen

Here is an article on the Clouds Parasite modes. If you jump down to the Oliverb section, it will tell you the settings to get the shimmer effect.


Clouds with the Pitch knob up, can indeed do something close to a shimmer reverb :slight_smile:

Thanks Rick, There was a discussion back in 2019, only just seen it myself and ablaut had made a patch using Audible Instrument modules. Also funkybot made previously a Stoermelder’s strip patch, so I think I can experiment until my heart is content. The information will come in useful though, much appreciated.

Thanks Olival, I’m just trying that at the very moment! Always good to find these things out. Much appreciated.

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I use the Valhalla delay to create pitch/octave shifting reverbs, but yes Shimmer is :+1:

Thanks spacetraffic, so u have to put it through VCV Vst host to get that in it VCV? Does that do the trick?

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Yes! Host it is.

I tend to prefer the Grayscale SuperCell to the Clouds just because it’s easier to get the levels set right (or deliberately wrong if you want).