V2 can not remove plugin

I had a plugin I subscribed to that I decided to delete. I went in the plugin folder and deleted the appropriate folder for the plugin. I then went to the library and un-subscribed from the module. However, when I go into Rack it wants to update the plugin even though the library shows it as not subscribed.

It would be nice if un-subscribing in the library would handle deleting the plugin from the system. At the minimum it should not be trying to get me to update something I am no longer subscribed to.

Did you try unsubscribe first, then delete? Don’t know if that works either, but it makes more sense.

I just want to check something with you.

In your post you used the word ‘plugin’ when you deleted stuff and then you used the word ‘module’ in the library.

Since many plugins contain multiple modules (but not all of them), is it possible that you are still subscribed to the plugin in the library, but you have unsubscribed from just one module within it.

At the top of the library page is a link to a list of plugins (instead of the list of modules).

This may not be related to you problem, I just thought I’d better check.


I was still subscribed to some of the modules in the plugin.

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I went to the plugin list and did a remove all and everything is ok. It seems we need a procedure for doing this.