V2.0.1 - modules update causes crash (Bidoo / lilaloop / voxglitch)

Hello everyone.

Following the update of Rck v2, from the beta version, to v2.O.1… on this side everything seems good, I had to delete all the files concerning the V2 for a fresh insatll… The problems started here, Rack therefore offers me to install modules, “super”, I click “update all” and let’s go …

When restarting crash… damn… so I’ll take a look at the log, ok a plug causes an error, I dismiss it and restart, bam, again… I reread the log, another one appears. After several tries everything works again.

He suggests that I add these modules, I said to myself, it might be too much at once, let’s try again. And it starts again, I delete them again one after the other and I save the log each time …

Reading them again, I notice that they are the same.

Not being a developer, I cannot confirm anything.

Where to contact me ?, what to do with my logs? , so I suggest them here, if that breaks problems, feel free to move or delete them.

thanks in advance

log bidoo error.txt (5.1 KB) log lilacloop error.txt (10.7 KB) log voxglitch error.txt (16.2 KB)