V1, nvgLetterSpacing() values different from 0.6.x

Letter spacing in nanovg seems to have changed in v1. Here’s screenshots of what is happening.

6 v0.6.x

nvgLetterSpacing_v1 v1

Both use a spacing of -1.f increasing the spacing can look a bit too odd.

f v1 spacing = 1.f

5f v1 spacing = -.5f

Can’t seem to find a letter spacing that works.

If there was changes made is there any way to revert the changes if they are known?
There was some spacing issues as you can see in the first screenshot but they were not as accentuated in v0.6.x

I’m seeing something similar with the built in Label widget

Oh that’s interesting. Just a guess but might it have something to do with the elimination of the transparent square box surrounding a knob.

I’ll report it as a bug on GitHub.

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