UTF-8 filename error with rack 2


I just finished porting surge-rack to v2.

One thing I noticed. We have a resource in our bundle with the name 'Leads/µcomputer.fxp`

I had to strip this from my bundle because the unzip stage after install gave me this error

[4.843 info src/plugin.cpp:193 extractPackages] Extracting package /Users/paul/Documents/Rack2/plugins/SurgeRack-
[5.015 warn src/plugin.cpp:198 extractPackages] Plugin package /Users/paul/Documents/Rack2/plugins/SurgeRack- failed to extract: Unarchiver could not read entry from archive: Pathname can't be converted from UTF-8 to current locale.

and then I got an incomplete plugin install and insta-crash.

Seems somewhere in your plugin creation / unpack chain you have lost uff-8 encoding.

I got around it by just deleting that asset from our bundle when we make the dist stage. It’s the only one with a non-ascii filename. But wanted to flag the bug to you.

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Yeah, it seems wrong that the unarchiver is trying to convert a UTF-8 path into an ascii one using the current locale. I assume this is on windows? On windows of course you need to convert UTF-8 to a wide character string and pass that to the OS…


Even stranger then, that some mac software would go out of its way to translate utf-8 into some “locale”. Weird.

yeah i don’t know which part of the toolchain is doing it; but some part is and is doing it newly since we had this patch included in our 1.0 bundle. So definitely a rack 2 regression.

like i said i can work around it. The patch isn’t that great except inasmuch as it forces us to make sure we don’t get our utf-8 filename handling wrong in the surge build and scan processes :slight_smile:

yeah, it’s no joke keeping you stuff working with non-ascii paths. I don’t know how one logs a bug against rack these days, now that the git issues database seems closed for VCV. I guess you post a query here and hope andrew notices?

VCV - Support according to this

And here i guess

For community-backed support and other resources, see

Community forum
Rack manual
other VCV communities

from https://vcvrack.com/support

“Community backed support” is not going to be easy without the collective “memory” of github issues. I am not going to try helping out without an issue tracker to point to.

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Yeah, I think it’s a mistake. Bad bug reports don’t get better by being sent by email, and now everyone looses the opportunity to see already reported bugs, so tons of duplicate reporting.

BTW, @Vortico - There is 404 errors on this page: (It is linked to on this forum.)

I see your link, but where is it linked to on this forum?

On old post of yours

Just trying to help out - 404’s are so uncool :slight_smile:

Sorry, got caught up in the drama, Next time i’ll send you an email.