Using VCV Plugin in Ableton with ES-9

Sorry if this has been covered before, but is this even possible? In stand alone mode it’s so easy but when using VCV rack in Ableton you can only use DAW audio as if you change to “core audio” you don’t get any sound and Ableton crashes after a few seconds.

I’ve tried every routing possibility in terms of trying work arounds but I just can’t figure it out. Has anybody successfully managed this?

I’m using an M2 Max Studio for all it’s worth but I don’t think that’s anything to do with it.

Thanks in advance to any kind soul who can help!!

Are you using the VST or AU plugin? I’m mainly working in Bitwig these days, but in my experience VST works as expected while AU has issues with selecting multiple sound cards.

Are you saying that it’s possible to use 2 different sound cards in VCV-2 (pro)? I am having a hard time using VCV rack in Studio-One and trying to use my ExpertSleepers ES-9. It’s very confusing to me; I saw so many conflicting posts about this.

Thanks, Robert

For me personally on Mac using Bitwig / Ableton VST, I can have my DAW address my UAD Apollo and have the audio device inside the VCV plugin address the ES-9.

Which is usually my preferred way of doing things, basically treating VCV and the hardware modular as one entity within my DAW project. I will sometimes switch to an aggregate device for convenience when recording from the modular, but you can just as easily route the audio from the plugin.

As far as I know the standalone vcv app can also address different sound cards by adding multiple audio devices.

The main thing to watch out for in my experience is that you’re using the VST or CLAP plugin and not the AU, which doesn’t support this to the same extent.

I hope that makes sense - not pretending to be any kind of expert, just my own experience.

For me it works on Windows. I can route a VCV rack VST in Ableton to my external ASIO using WASAPI or DirectSound and it works OK. I can also create a second VCV rack VST instrument and have it route to DAW and both work simultaneously.

I know it’s not super helpful, but I was trying to see if I could reproduce the issue and I figured any data is better than no data… maybe?

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Yes VCV isn’t like Ableton. You may use multiple different audio interfaces without a problem. I use 3 sometimes.