Using steps of an external sequencer as trigger without CC


I am experimenting with the Arturia Keystep Pro as an external sequencer. Unfortunately, the device has no CC outputs for the individual steps, but only for the knobs (unlike the Beatstep Pro).

Is there any approach to pick up certain steps of the sequencer with one or more modules to trigger functions, even if these steps do not send CC signals?

At the moment I want to use several steps to trigger a ratcheting. So I would need a function that counts the steps and “knows” that for example step 7 and 12 should trigger another module or module chain.

I hope I have expressed myself somewhat understandable, I’ve been dealing with modular synthesizers for only a few weeks.

Thanks in advance for your time!

you can use any gate sequencer module,
just start it in sync and activate only the steps you want (e.g. 7 and 12)
then it will send triggers only at these steps

some suggestions:
VCV Library - Studio Six Plus One Iverson (

VCV Library - Count Modula 8 x 16 Gate Sequencer (

the count modula module has an expander for indiviodual triggers at each step VCV Library - Count Modula 16 Step Sequencer Trigger Output Expander (

VCV Library - GoodSheperd Stable16 (

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Thank you very much for your quick answer, that really helps me now! I was thinking completely in the wrong direction. And thanks also for your effort to post the links to the modules.

Have a nice weekend :slight_smile:

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