Using Rack modules to emulate the functionality of hardware Serge modules

I’ve always loved Serge design and workflow concepts. I’m particularly curious about the Smooth Stepped Generator and the Universal Slope Generator. I know much of the (D)USG is replicated through Rampage, Floats, Stages, etc., but I’ve yet to find a module in the current library that brings the SSG functionality. I’m not directly asking for the development of a new module, but I am curious if I could patch something together using existing modules that would allow me to play with some SSG concepts? This is certainly part of a larger conversation about patching from smaller building block modules, but I’m intentionally attempting to be concrete here in asking how I would go about using modules to roll my own SSG? My references are the Toppobrillo Sport Modulator, Wogglebug, and the Random Source Smooth/Stepped/Slopes. I love the idea of patch programmability, but unsure where to start with currently existing modules in the library.

Edit: I’m unsure how to properly categorize and title a post of exploratory nature.

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things like slew, signal delay, sample&hold, etc. are all available. so what functionality exactly are you missing? for those of us unfamiliar with serge modules, what exactly does the ssg do?

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This post on the Serge Modular Synthesizer Info blog describes the functionality of the SSG (Smooth and Stepped Function Generator) and other posts go into the details of other Serge modules.

Maybe an idea is to use the search feature in the Rack module browser to look for modules which provide features that the SSG does, e.g. Slew, Sample and Hold, etc.?

Befaco Rampage is an example of one module which might be a good starting point.