Using Quad Algorithmic Sequencer with CV-Midi?

What I want to do is drive a specific VST plugin, AudioDamage Axon3 with triggers from Frozen Wasteland Quad Algorithmic Sequencer. So for each channel of the QAR, I’d like a specific MIDI note to be triggered.

I have a crude thing with a VCV 8Vert supplying constant note CVs but I haven’t cracked the CV->MIDI note conversion code.

Is there an easy way to generate exact notes - like a formula? or a module?

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I have this sheet to do the calculations, nothing too fancy:

Look up the note freqency in the midi note table at the bottom of the page. enter the frequency in cell F9 to get the voltage in G9

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As it happens, that patch veered off in another direction where I used Kitchen Sink for each voice. But definitely the BogAudio Precision Pitch generator will feature in a future Axon3 patch.

Amazing what happens when you just follow your nose patching stuff up.

Are you using Host for loading the Axon3?


Perfect! You can map the inputs to specific notes, which is great for using drum machines VSTs. Just keep in mind that in VCV, middle C is C4 and in many VSTs it’s C3, so you might want to experiment with the octaves, but it should work without any need for additional modules.

I never knew that! Thanks!