Using Push 2 as controller for VCV Rack

Hi all. Im quite new to VCV rack and need some help. I want to use my Push 2 to control vcv rack, mainly using the encoders. Is there any way that I can set it up with VCV Rack, so that I can use multiple banks of encoders? ie map a button to switch banks and have the encoders perform different function. I have been looking at possibly using TouchOSC but it seems a bit difficult to configure. Does anyone have advice for me. If anyone has any help, it would bee much appriciated. Thanks in advance.

I don’t know how to do it VCV Standalone, however, I’ve found it fairly easy to control VCV Rack as a VST inside of Ableton Live. Using the Rack I/O unit that is automatically added when you add an instrument, you can expand it with the little downward arrow between the bypass and plugin window buttons. Then hit configure and a parameter in VCV Rack. It automatically assigns them to knobs on the Push 2 and you can scroll through them. I’m using VCV Rack 2 Pro, though.

Push2, controlling Rack2 Free (without Ableton Live)

I show 8 knobs switched with 8 buttons, only two groups are done. You can copy/paste the 8xPILE+1*SPLIT’s with wires for the remaining 6 buttons.

You only have to move the poly wire from the pasted split to the matching output on “Triggered switch”.

Patch saved as a VCV selection. File → Import Selection to load.
push2_template_2x8.vcvs (22.5 KB)

The push2 knobs 1-8 rotation are mapped in the MIDI-STEP module - and mode is set to BEATSTEP RELATIVE #2 - (what Ableton calls “Relative (lin 2’s Comp.)” ).
Each of the eight buttons under the knobs in are mapped in the MIDI-MAP to one of the eight triggered switches.

You may want to adjust the step size(knob) and range (in the right click menus) of each PILE module.

I have used the Stoermelder packone plugin - it’s not in the library yet, but you can find the dev. version here: Release Development build · stoermelder/vcvrack-packone · GitHub

You can patch the “OUT” from the PILE modules to control any module with CV in.

You can patch the “OUT” from the PILE modules to a Stoermelder uMAP module to control knobs/sliders etc.

The push2 only shows the logo on the screen.

If someone wants to write a module to get more out of the Ableton Push2 - Ableton has doc and example JUCE source code available:

and more on the Push2 user mode in Ableton Live

Also, the fine opensource “Bespoke Synth”, has Ableton Push2 integration (incl. gfx on the push2) - may be simpler to interface to the VCV vst through that - I haven’t looked much into it yet

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Hi. Thanks for the quick responses. That is just the kind of thing i’m looking for Jen. Thank you so much for your help. I shall give it a try This will make vcv so much more enjoyable to use. Awesome software. Keep up the good work guys.