using protoype for controller scripts

HI is anyone working on some controller script templates? I am looking for a general control script that would automatically assign a modules knobs to 8 knobs when I mouse hover over that module. When I mouse hover over a different module those knobs are automatically assigned. It would follow the order of how the knobs were created on the module. Hopefully for a filter it would go cutoff then resonance and so forth

Not sure if this is possible or not.

Not exactly what you are looking for, but did you take a look at Sails by stoermelder ?

Also my module Multimap can assign knobs to several module’s parameters and switch between banks, but not automatically.

I think @thisguy wants a MIDI-MAP that automatically maps all parameters on any hovered module to cc.

I’m not sure there’s an exising solution, and it would be a bit weird since not all parameters are knobs and the order of them is usually random. So it would always take time to figure out which knob does what.

Yes I know, and there is none at the moment, so was suggesting alternate approach. The thing is parameters are in most case randomly ordered, so auto mapping without any kind of visual feedback would be less than ideal.

Sorry, misread your comment.

Multimap is pretty good as a workaround! One question though, have you considered adding a feature so that knobs don’t jump to the new value when changing banks and instead wait until you turn them to the current value first?

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Yes it’s on the roadmap for the next update

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Thanks Ill check out multimap to see if it can do what Im trying to do. I guess Im wondering will it save what I have assigned for certain modules so that if Multimap and these modules are open it will work everytime? Will it save the learned knobs to my controller and work everytime I open the module? I dont think it would but I will ask

No it’s not possible to store a mapping preset as the mapping is done by moduleId- parameterId, and afaik it’s not possible for a module to respond to an event where another module would be added to the patch.

I guess Ill just build my vcv rig and leave it alone and just use it over and over thanks

What I personnaly do is I have all my controllers I use with VCV already CC assigned in multimap, spares (at least) from half the work :slight_smile: