Using multi output vst instruments

Does any one know if you can use multi output VST Synthesisers within VCV Rack. I have the host module but I cannot seem to find how to do it. It’s easy with a normal VST using the small VCV host module but not so obvious with Host XL.

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I haven’t tried it but it must be possible as that seems like the entire purpose of Host XL with its 8 outs.

From the manual: Host-XL is designed for multi-channel instruments and effects.

I’ve tried with Host XL but I cannot seem to see where the gates and cv inputs are are as on the small one. I can see all the inputs for modulation in the top 2 rows but cannot fathom out the bottom 2 rows

The bottom 2 rows are 8 channels of audio in/out

The top 3 rows are CV inputs which you can set to whatever by right clicking on the rectangles in the display that correspond to each input and mapping to controls in the dropdown menu. In this grab I have selected 1V/O and Gate for the first 2 inputs in the top row.

Cheers i’ll give that a try later I’m in eco warrior mode until morning as my electric meters gone wrong and it says I’ve only got couple of kW hours left .

Just to add that in my grab above, you just see the generic controls in the dropdown as I have not actually loaded a VST yet - once you do, all of the parameters the VST exposes should be available in that menu alongside the generic stuff.

Having spent many hours today , trying every combination , there does not seem to be a way to send more than 1 gate and 1 CV to a VST Synth using either Host or Host XL. What I am trying to do is send Gate and CV control voltages on 4 different midi channels to the same instance of a synth in the host modules. I don’t think I have been doing anything wrong but I would grateful if anyone has any ideas on how to do this. It’s not a big problem, with Omnisphere 2 I can just host a separate instance in separate Host modules ( Btw. Omnisphere VST3 crashes rack VST2 is ok ) but the Elektron Overbridge application only allows you to have 1 instance open to be accessed on 4 different midi channels.

send Gate and CV control voltages on 4 different midi channels to the same instance of a synth in the host modules

It can’t be done as far as I know (and I have been wanting to do this also). I’m eager for a Host Expander to be created for this, to allow multi-channel midi to be sent to a hosted VST, but I think it’s low priority for the VCV team. Hope this will be done at some point, I think it’s the only missing piece of the VST puzzle in Rack.