Using MindMeld MixMaster and EQMaster


I have several Aux effects (eg Reverb, delay, …) connected on the Mixmaster, and the Mixmaster is connected with the EQMaster. I would to see a track with the Aux effect on the EQ. I don’t find how to configure the MixMaster to do that…

Thank you ! Alain

did you connect these like this ?

But I think I misunderstand the question.


Similar how you can hook up a Comp II to be independent compression on each track.

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Can you explain this?


You can set the EQ Master to grab the names from the mixer, so it’s easier to find the different tracks. You have to make sure to connect all 3 poly inserts cables, and then select Link to Mixer in the right-click menu.

Aux channels should start on channel 21


You can also have the Comp II for each channel, and just select the Panel Channels accordingly. The compressors can come before or after the EQ, of course.


I was suggesting the setup that Omri shows below.

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And I probably still don’t understand what you want :grinning:

“select Link to Mixer in the right-click menu” : I didn’t know that. Thanks!

“Aux channels should start on channel 21”: They are. I’m stupid :woozy_face: Easier like that! Thanks.

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As seen on my pic.

Exactly what I was looking for! But for me, I needed the following routing:

  • Track > Comp or effect > EQ Master > back to the Mix.

Thank you!


Yes indeed. I saw also so many times these indications on my MindMeld, but I’ve never realized really what it was. I don’t know why. What missed was the mental connection between these informations…

Now it’s ok :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Thank you!

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