Using MindMeld and Comp together?

Has anyone used the Mind Meld mixer and The Squinky Labs Comp (compressor) together? Since Comp is polyphonic and uses so little CPU it would be easy to put it across all the channels or the busses. It also has a limiter mode that uses almost no CPU.

Unfortunately all the channels in a single module will share the same settings, but even so it should make a nice companion.


I don’t see how it could be used usefully polyphonically in this sense because there are no poly CV inputs so all settings including threshold are going to be the same across all channels. Or is there something I’m missing?

You are correct. As I said in the original post “Unfortunately all the channels in a single module will share the same settings”. I’m thinking maybe there are good uses even with this limitation. For a somewhat trivial example - set it so it limits everything over +/- 5V. seems useful. Same threshold is a limitation, or course, as you say. But can’t be used? sounds extreme.

But, I guess the follow up is “what controls would be on a compressor that integrates nicely with Mind Meld”?

Well as I said, ‘in this sense’ as in using as a poly insert in a mixer, is pretty much useless but not that it can’t be used. I can see use cases for poly synths for example but I can’t imagine a scenario when you would want/need the same settings across all mixer channels. Having said that, if using with a poly synth then I’m not sure there would be any advantage from using one mono instance, again the sounds from the poly synth would need to be very similar otherwise attack and release are going to be wrong in some cases.

I have it set up as a limiter and it consumes much less CPU than the bogaudio one I was previously using.

I would say it could do with CV inputs for everything, an internal side chain filter, and a poly meter like vcv vca if it doesn’t already work like that.

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Nice work on this compressor, I do like the old school knee and ratio selector, This can stop me procrastinating, while fine tuning ratios.

I have been using EqMaster, and there are two features that you could consider that I feel could make your compressor fit in with the workflow. Firstly Mindmeld treats 16 poly channels as 8 stereo pairs. Secondly, the UI can be switched between stereo channels, allowing the user control per mixer channel.

Your UI already has the correct number of ins and outs, so a single extra control with visual feedback for track selection would be the biggest change, while still keeping compatible with the current users expectations.

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I guess if you used a whole mixer for one instrument.

See the announcement of Comp II, which is designed explicitly to work with Mind Meld mixers.