Using MIDI Map in v2.0 VST

I’m using the Rack 2.0 and want to mess around with some knobs on my patches with the MIDI Map module, using my midi controller’s knobs.

In the standalone version, I can see the midi device without a problem. image

But in the VST (with Live), the option isn’t there at all.


When I try to map the values it looks like VCV recognizes my midi controller, like this: image

But moving the knob doesn’t do anything.

Should I do this differently when using a DAW? How do I map the knobs on my midi device to VCV’s knobs?

Not that I’m an expert at this, but what version of rack are you using and which DAW? In my case (Bitwig, VCV Vst 2.0.3b, win 10) I can address the Windows midi driver in MIDI-Map. I have to do further testing with my Launch Control though.

You need to update to 2.0.3b. Access to external midi drivers in the VST was only activated in 2.0.3.


That’s it, I was still using the previous version. Thanks a lot!

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