Using field recording/noise signal generator


I was in NYC getting some field recordings to sample in Logic, I had the window open in my hotel room and heard a lovely white noise from the city. 22 floors up, the city just going on below reverberating. Nice woooooosh sound.

How can I use that as a signal generator, much like I would a white noise module? What else could I use it for other than just nice, lofi noise?

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Pick any sampler and load the file of recording. Just search for the tag „sampler“ in the library. I like Simpliciter because it allows for so much creativity (slicing, pitch tracking, reverse, range selection etc.). It also has ramp (think playhead position) and peak (think env follower) outputs that you can use as modulation sources or triggers.

A module that I really fell in love with is Noise Plethora. It can create all kinds of noises, static, humming buzzing and so on. Make sure to watch a tutorial or read the manual as it’s not the easiest to learn.


I like to use audio as CV, so try sticking it into the cutoff input on a filter, V/oct inputs, VCO sync or FM inputs. Also, rack is great for sound design with effects, for example splitting the signal into loads of filters or phasers and trying different modulation sources.

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