Using external midi device when VCV2 run as VST plugin - broken?

Hi there,

Has anyone had any luck using MIDI input modules (such as MIDI->CV or MIDI Map) with an external MIDI device, in VST? This all works fine when running VCV stand-alone, but when running it as a VST plugin any external MIDI devices (i.e. anything under Core Midi, I’m on Mac) are non-responsive. The devices still show up in the module’s MIDI device selector, but no signals come out of the module.

(Weirdly, I found that it actually does work for a particular old patch I have if I open it in the VST plugin! But only for that patch, it doesn’t work in any other case. A strange bug…)

Any thoughts/ suggestions?

Cheers B

Have you tried using the host midi and selecting the device there?

Which host are you using?

I’m using Bitwig.

Have you tried using the host midi and selecting the device there?

Well the device is a control surface (really just a bunch of knobs and faders sending midi CC) and yes it works fine in Bitwig. I already have it set up in patches (made in the standalone VCV) to map all the CC channels correctly, so I’d really like to be able to open the same patch in the VST plugin and keep using those same mappings.

I am routing my keyboard controller through Bitwig to VCV to send note information, so. don’t think I can send the control surface that way. Or is there some way to send a whole second instrument to VCV through the DAW (and somehow another midi device will show up under DAW in Midi map or Midi->Cv?)