Using external audio files within VCV

Hi! New to VCV and figuring out the basics. I can’t seem to figure out how to bring in a mp3 or wav file from my laptop. Would someone be willing to explain step-by-step? Thank you so much !


There are several plugins you could use for this, a common one is from Nysthi called Complex Simpler or Simpliciter. Both of these will allow you to load a file and play it back by right clicking on it and using the menu to select a file. Neither seem to support MP3, however WAV and AIFF files can be loaded. There are also modules like QuadSimpler and MusicalBox from NYSTHI that allow multiple files to be loaded. Of course there’s probably more modules that can do this.

So, get one of the above into your rack, wire the outputs to the mixer and set the playback controls to whatever settings you like.

Fun can be had with Simpliciter by dragging a SimplerTapeControl next to it. This will allow you to modify the playback speed, and make the tape wobble and play in reverse, controllable with an LFO.

Hope this helps!

of course keeping in mind that “bringing in an mp3 or wav” is a very normal thing for a DAW to do, but it not at all a normal thing for an modular synthesizer to do. That said, @thorinside 's advice for wave is good. I don’t know of any mp3 players in VCV land, but there may be one.

theres a module called “player” by cf. you load a wav file into it and whenever you send it a trigger it plays the sample.

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voxglitch also has loopers/samplers/players :beers:

I have built one that can read .wav, .mp3 and .flac. But I will release it only for v2. It can also play backwards, do pingpong (back and forth), you can control speeds, trigger play etc.


… all of the above and note that vcv rack is not a multitrack editor (at least not in the traditional sense)

you must load your files in modules and use triggers or gates to reproduce it in the time

Cf and Nysthi modules (Nysthi have a lot)

I dunno, with Radio Music, Squid Salmple, Disting, Morphagene, etc I would say it’s not uncommon to use .WAV files in conjunction with hardware modular.


please make it stereo :hear_no_evil:

It already is

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awesome :sunglasses: