Using Erica Synths Pico System III with Rack

hello all,

i have the semi modular ‘pico system 3’ and i want to sync him to vcv rack (i download it only yesterday). in my dreams i can send trigger/cv from vcv rack to my modular and after this, send the signal back to vcv rack. i have a sound card - presonus 6\8 with dc coupled outputs. please help me hh i watched lot of videos and nothing really working and its sopused to be really simple i guess.

Hi, and welcome to the forum. Have you tried sending out a clock pulse from Impromptu Modular: Clocked module at ratio x24? Straight to one of the Audio core module inputs.

Make sure that the Presonus is selected as audio device.

Maybe you can take a screenshot of the patch that you setup in VCV?