Using Drambo on iPad as MIDI sequencer for VCV on Linux

I’d like to use Drambo to sequence VCV Rack on Linux. Is it possible? Is there a guide to set this up?

Thanks in advance!

You should probably ask in this topic: Beepstreet Drambo

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Use midi either wired or Bluetooth.

Well, connecting the ipad via cable to ubuntu pc wont recognice device as midi controller, so it does not appear listed in devices in VCV’s MiDI to CV module.

So apart from the obvious thing of connecting the two devices, some setup needs to be done. In ALSA or Jack…or sth else.

rtpmidi? (midi over the network using UDP)

You’ll need to run rtpmidid on Linux side: GitHub - davidmoreno/rtpmidid: RTP MIDI (AppleMIDI) daemon for Linux