Using Ardour with VCVRack

Hi. I’m just doing some tinkering using Ardour midi tracks to drive modules in VCV.

In my tinkering I have Ardour 3 tracks - Pads, Drone and Vocal - being sent to VCV successfully.

What I did was use 1 MIDI-CV and 1 MIDI CC-CV module per Ardour track to get midi and automation data driving VCOs etc.

I found I needed a separate MIDI-CV module to pick up the DAW’s tempo to drive CLOCKED.

All good, it seems to work ok. But in the back of my mind I have this nagging feeling this is not the best way to go about using Ardour to drive VCV. I’m aware of other VCV modules (Entrian, Piano Roll etc) to drive notes but I want to use Ardour.

Is my technique sound and efficient or have I created a nightmare? Is there a better way to integrate externals DAWs and VCV?


Imho it is really fine as it works for you.

Another way could be using VCV Pro and the vst of VCV inside the daw.

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Ardour with VCV Pro as VST plugin works as a charm (at least on Windows 10).

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I suppose Cardinal might be a good choice as well.