Uses for E-Drum (Midi hardware) in VCV-Rack


I just set up my midi-drumkit and I could already create a nice virtual Drumkit with Logic Pro X. I’d also like to try it within VCV-Rack but I’m still a beginner within Eurorack. I don’t want to recreate naturalistic drum sounds (DAWs are good at this) but come up with more experimental uses. Anyway I think it would be cool to keep some percussive/ rhythmic character because that’s what drumming is about. Do you have any suggestions or fantasies what to do or what to trigger/controll with an E-drum in VCV-Rack?

I’d be happy about your inspirations.

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If i had one, i would try to Synthetize each sound of a drum kit in Vcv :smiley: and then play some drum groove with these sounds. You could also get pretty experimental if you wanted ! Why not even play something melodic ? I’ve seen someone play a Piano Vst with a midi drum kit ! You could try that with Oscillators in Vcv :slight_smile:

ideas are unlimited…after creating the sounds I would get lost mapping the velocity to open filters, adding reverbs ecc ecc ecc :broccoli:

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