Use Jack client without connecting to a device


I am looking for a way to just create N number of Jack audio inputs and outputs for Rack 2 which are not connected to any sound card by default.

It seems that today I am forced to open a device, even if I am using Jack, and then Rack 2 will try to guess how many inputs and outputs should exist.

I have a sound card with many inputs and outputs and this just clogs up my patchbay.

Ideally I would be able to tell Rack 2 to register a set amount of Jack inputs and outputs and then I would set up the connections to an actual soundcard or other appliation myself.

Replying to my own question, because I found out that this might be indirectly by design.

It is RtAudio that seems to operate this way but it would be helpful if a developer could chime in.

You can use the GitHub - Skrylar/skjack-vcv: First-class JACK support for VCV Rack modules for this. I’m still looking at updating them properly for v2, unless someone else does it first.

Preliminary work: GitHub - Wasted-Audio/skjack-vcv at feature/rackv2

(seems to work fine, except I had to disable persistent port-names in the patch)

The repository was archived so I assumed the plugin won’t be developed anymore.

I will try to compile the fork you linked and see if it works.