Upward Compression in the Frozen Wasteland

So I was reading this month’s issue of Sound on Sound and I discovered this plugin:

And through it, I learned about “upwards” compression - normal compressors reduce dynamic range by lowering the gain of any signal over a threshold, while upward compressors increase the gain of a signal under the threshold.

Well, I do love adding new features, so both Manic Compression and Megalomaniac Compression (the multi-band version of MC) now control compression direction (and it is per-band on the Megalomaniac).

With two Megalomaniacs and using the new band inputs, it should be possible to recreate this plugin (although with way more flexibility, and CV control of everything…)

Doing some clean up, but should be in library soon


Thank you! I’m very much looking forward to abusing this feature :slightly_smiling_face:

Very cool. I have yet to check out your more complex modules, but thank you for your clocked LFOs and super slow envelopes. I used the latter to automate the mixer for the first few patches when I started with VCV a few months ago. Cheers!

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2.0.5 has been sent to vcv. Overall, I think this is a cool feature. Not really happy with my metering and I don’t feel like redoing it. If someone knows a way of loading a “partial” svg file to overlay the main panel, let me know :slight_smile:

If enough folks think it is needed, I might increase (decrease?) the threshold, right now it is -50.

Forgot to mention in my docs, but in upward compression mode, make-up gain works in reverse and lowers the level since it is possible to get crazy amounts of gain if you are not careful

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You should be able to put two svg panel widgets as children of your module widget. The second one will effectively be above the first.

If this second panel has your ‘partial svg’ then that should achieve what you are asking.

There are ‘addChildAbove’ and ‘addChildBelow’ methods if you need to control the order of sibling widgets.

I’ll take a look. thx!