Uploading Plugin to VCV Library

Hi, I am currently attempting to get my plugin uploaded to VCV Library. I found the associated support page last week and thought it’d be easy to find again. I hate to say but this is a case of “Google hates me”, and ChatGPT assisted queries are equally as futile. Below are all the queries I attempted with the result not being on page 1:

  • vcv rack upload to public repository
  • vcv rack upload to library
  • upload plugin to vcv library
  • vcv rack release plugin
  • vcv library plugin release
  • “vcv”+“GitHub”+“plugin”-“GitHub.com”-“Reddit.com

Can somebody please provide the link to the official VCV support page detailing how to get your plugin accepted and available to download from VCV Library? I would be really appreciative.

It is not too hard to find if you can just remember to look at the VCV plugin development tutorial, which is itself accessed from the vcv.com site using the “manual” link. Look at the last sentence at the bottom of the tutorial page, and follow the link for the VCV Library submission information.

Yup, specifically it’s these two links: