Updated to Ableton version 11.1.1 - Cannot locate VCV Pro 2

Hello Everyone, hope you’re all doing well!

I just updated to the latest version of Ableton, however, upon opening the new version, all of my plugins load except VCV. I’ve tried switching between different VST Folders, turned on Audio Units, re-scanned and refreshed everything a number of times, but the plugin still isn’t visible within Ableton. I can see it in the folder on my Mac and all of the other plugins from said folder load normally. Any idea on what the issue might be here? All of my projects utilise VCV to a heavy degree and I am getting crazy paranoid about losing my work. Thank you!!

Have you (perhaps unknowingly) switched your Ableton from Intel to Apple Silicon? The Rack VST only works with Intel versions of Ableton.


NB. plugin folder shortcuts don’t work with Ableton 11.1


Is there any info anywhere on plans for Apple Silicon support (or VST 3 for that matter, since VST2 is discontinued)?

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Nothing concrete, but a few sort of maybe’s…

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Anyone have any updates on plans to support Apple Silicon?

Nope, zero, zilch, nada…

This user forum is a great place to come and complain about products VCV doesn’t make. Please tell your friends to come here and do the same!



what’s the deal with Aquaman?

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