Updated Ableton doesn't see VCV Rack VST

Hi guys. Just updated Ableton to the latest version and VCV Rack has disappeared from the plugin list (only the bridge is there). I’ve made a fresh scan, checked the folders - didn’t help. Do you have any insights about this problem?

Can confirm that it is missing here too (MacOS 12.4). Reinstall didn’t fix.

Try moving the vst to a different location (just put it in another subfolder within the VST folder). That will force a rescan. May or may not work but worth a try.

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Good tip but didn’t work here.

did you guys try forcing Ableton app to work through rosetta 2 ?


Well that’s embarrassing :slight_smile: I’ll get me coat!

[I don’t use the VST and was trying to be helpful!]

Think the recent update to Ableton stopped plugin subfolders and shortcuts to plugin folders from working. Their advice is to set up symlinks.

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