Update to processing order?

Hello all- I’m developing a module that was working, then I left it alone for 2-3 months, and now am having some difficulties. I’m wondering if it could be because of an update that either happened or that I didn’t do, would love to get your thoughts…

In short, values seem to no longer be updating in real-time. For example, I have a value in my module that is being updated via the process function, called current_cursor. I then have a custom Widget which is supposed to draw something on the screen based on that value, and it seems to never change what it’s drawing. I added debug lines to both the process function and the draw_cursor function, and in the log.txt file I can see that all of the draw_cursor debug lines are being written, and only afterwards when I’m closing the module are the process debug lines written. My thought is that maybe somehow the order of function calls changed, and my process function is no longer being called every frame like I need it to.

This aligns with the rest of my module’s issues, in that nothing in the module’s process function seems to be properly updating.

Another possibility is that I somehow screwed up my declarations so things aren’t updating properly, or there’s a different problem alltogether… Here’s my code if anyone wants to take a look: EarthTones/PolarCV at main · aaronkarp123/EarthTones · GitHub


does it work if you add an audio module?


Occam’s razor strikes again! I didn’t have an audio device selected… Thank you Squinky

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It would be handy if you didn’t need to, and at least in 1.x you didn’t. But maybe RTAudio makes this a requirement…

As I recall Andrew explaining it, the Rack engine was changed in V2, so that now the audio module is actually driving the engine. Hence the regular weirdness people are having when not having an audio module in a patch example, or no audio interface selected.