Unusable Guitar Effects Volume 2

Latest looping/guitar effects patch:

This is acutally a generative patch, and I add some live guitar parts and loops during performance, via far too many FX. It uses a ton of VST plugins, so probably won’t work for anyone else but let me know if you want to use it for anything. How good is Unfiltered Audio’s Triad? Mental.

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Unfiltered Audio’s Triad="(( £299, I would hope it was, there is one called Yoko in the VCV Library

VCV Library (vcvrack.com) for $20.

I have created loads of Electro Harmonix style weird guitar pedals should I add them to this thread? If that is ok with you?

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Yeah go ahead, I’m interested in anything you can feed a guitar through. I’ve probaby got a few more I can share. Ever tried a guitar signal through a clock divider? Kind of like an octaver, but absolutely filthy (in a good way). It’s carnage. Also if you’ve got Host FX, there are a lot of good pedal-style plugins for free - the Wampler ones for example.

P.S. Yoko uses the same band splitting processing as Triad, but without all the modular effects. I’ve only got the first UA collection in Rack (which is amazing) but I don’t need Yoko because it’s kind of the same thing. I got it from Plugin Alliance when it was on offer, think I only paid 49 dollars.

Ok here goes, at present they are using Audible Instruments Macro oscillators but I’m sure you can adapt them to feed real guitar into them. There are three on the 1st patch, only only one as the Audio8 module. Shephard Octaver is one of them. Tremolo shifter and Chorus looper, I would be very interested if you can get any good mutilations out of them audio wise.

Shepard Octave shifter and 2 other pedals emulations.vcv (106.1 KB)

Formant pedal-talkbox ish not tried it on Guitar so who knows what the result will be?

Formant pedal.vcv (29.0 KB)

There are more but got to check them 1st, there is an organ and guitar combiner. Memory Man delay looper reverb, Granular rev delay, all sorts of weirdness inspired by Electro Harmonix. Even a Mellotron sound combiner from samples, combine it with a guitar signal -who knows!!

Sorry forgot to reply, the first one there just made white noise in one channel - haven’t had time to figure out what was going on. The second one was OK, but I’ve already got a patch that uses the Squinky formant filter, sounds pretty good on guitar!

My Growler is a formant like thing designed for guitar.

Yeah, I think I used Formants and Growler for added fun. Both sound great with guitar! I’m still surprised you don’t see more people playing guitar through Rack. It’s the best thing ever!

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Hello again , more guitar style pedals in VCV Rack:

Count to Five delay looper pedal emu.vcv (30.7 KB)

Memor u man-Echo-chorus-vibrato.vcv (20.9 KB)

Stutter delay pedal.vcv (23.4 KB)

All using Vult Vraids as the sound source or AI Modules in VCV Rack-Resonator-Macro

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