Unusable Guitar Effects Vol1

Started a new thread to share some mainly unusable effects processor patches. I play guitar, but obviously you can feed anything into this nonsense. This was an old one I found whilst going through backups. It started off using a few Tourettes modules to create glitchy repeated bits of sound, and quickly got a bit silly. It now plays itself, and also has a fundamental frequency altough I’m not sure why. I also added guitar into oscillator sync, seeing as it was already chucking out C major tones from somwhere. If you want to tone it down, reduce the feedback going into the Rescomb and Massarti modules. I quite like the nasty distortion that was making so I left it turned up. If I was going to use this, I’d map a controller to play with the feedback levels. Enjoy!



Thank you, I was not expecting to see any more of these for a while. How is the home schooling going? Trying to work and sort that out as well can’t be easy! Stay safe and sane. Much appreciated. :smile:

Sorry to bother you! Just one question should all the Tourettes modules emit audio into the mixer? On my set up they are not, have I missed a trick? Thanks, answer when you can, no rush.

No worries, yes they should do! What kind of interface are you using? My ASIO driver does in/out simultaneously, if yours doesn’t, you’ll have to add a second Audio-8 module and use a different driver to get sound into the patch. That’s how all my patches used to be configured with Directsound/WASAPI, and it’s not supported so it may hang or crash occasionally (watch out it doesn’t overwrite any of your other patches when that happens, I experienced that a few times).I’m in the process of rewiring all my FX patches for the new setup after I got a better interface last year. Not sure if that’s the issue but let me know if that works, happy to answer any more questions. PS home schooling is fine today because my wife has a day off! But yeah it’s tough usually, I think a lot of people are finding the second lockdown much harder. Crazy sounds have to take a lower priority for a while :wink:

Well, I have just added Audible Instruments Macro Oscillator/Braids and Resonator as my sound source and doing it all in Rack. Should that throw a spanner into the works? I’m using DirectSound as the driver. Another thing, I changed the name of the file and it didn’t save as a VCV file yet it still opens with Rack. All the best keep plugging away at all you have to do. This Lockdown does feel harder because we were free for 3 whole weeks in the summer maybe.

Are you on Windows? I’ve seen that too, just rename the file with the .vcv extension (it sometimes just loses the extension). No problem using a VCO but you would need to rewire everything. It’s not set up as send effects, the inputs to Tourettes and all the other modules are split off from the ‘from device’ output on the audio module. If you wanted to use an Braids, you’d need to drag all the input cables out of ‘From device’ into the output of Braids. Probably best off setting up a submixer in case you wanted to run a few different sounds through the effects.

Yes on Windows, you on Ubuntu? Thanks rewired the Tourettes and now getting audio into Mindmeld mixer. The sub mixer might be a good idea, see what mayhem I can now perform. Thanks for your time.

I’m on Windows too. Don’t forget connections into the Wormholiser modules, and the Rescomb / Massarti comb filters. Interested to see what you do with it!

Hello there again, I’m up so late on a school night, bad boy. These 3 tracks were made using DwineKcuttop Guitarfx-4 patch. There are a variety of sound sources-all coming from Audible Instruments Macro Oscillator and Resonator modules. Enjoy the dissonance! Or not!

Guitar fx -4-DwineKcuttop by Adrian Bottomley | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Wow that’s mental! Slightly more extreme than the sound I had out of it. Interesting to see how far you can take it though. I’ll try and post some more soon.

Thanks mate, and you up on a school night too!! God we will both go to hell on an handcart! :japanese_ogre: :guitar:

Yep, had a beer too! Only one though. Messing about with Box of Revelation, using sample and hold to modulate everything. Some interesting filter types.

I have tried that one I believe! I think it was Omri who did a tutorial on it, so I had a go, ‘Almost Eric’ makes some wonderful modules, both as Frozen Wasteland and Frequency Domain! ‘Got praise him like we should’

Here’s a new one, uses Nysthi’s AutoXfader to apply a really short fade in and out when it loops, so I can loop the wet effects signal without getting clicks.Also a load of other stuff going on.

Thank you for supplying and creating this patch, it does produce beautiful tones and textures. Blooming heck that’s a lot of modules though! I will give this a good try, see how my CPU can cope with that many. Is there anyway to trim them back if I need to. Could I save certain strips as Stoermelder strips?

Yeah, I’ve got a few sections saved as strips. It’s mainly the Simpliciters that cause the sound to crap out, I think they use quite a lot of CPU if you trigger the record quickly. I’d start with taking a few of those out. Also, the Plaits modules (or is it Braids, I always get them mixed up, Macro Oscillator 2 anyway). There’s three of them panned hard left, right and centre for a wider image. They’re making the kind of dripping water sound effect (particle niose mode). You could disable one or two of those, and maybe some of the FX. I used Ambient Reverb 4 and Hysteresis from Glitchmachines VSTs through Host, and probably Valhalla SuperMassive. I’ll have to check! A good tip is to right click and disable a module instead of deleting, and also use the CPU meter to see which ones are causing problems although I’m sure you knew that already. I don’t think the looping part uses much CPU. Annoyingly, processing external audio seems to crap out much quicker than running internal VCV sound sources. Even my i9 gaming laptop wouldn’t handle this, I had to upgrade a desktop last year instead with an i9 10900F - 4.8Ghz 10 core beast. Annoying, but all those upgrades were probably only the price of a few boutique hipster FX pedals and Rack will run as many samplers and filters as I want now!

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Morning I think or afternoon, well it’s Sunday! I have been experimenting with guitar style looping using Lilac Looper and Foursome modules. They give a nice building up of sounds. The Lilac Looper can overdub sounds as I change them, as many times as you like. The patch is only one strip, so not much CPU usage! I will upload audio to Soundcloud and the patch to Patchstorage, see what you reckon to that set up. Thanks

Guitar Looping layers | Patchstorage

Guitar ambient Crescendo by Adrian Bottomley (soundcloud.com)

Wow SuperMuppet, that’s some great stuff!

Hello again, how goes it in your corner of heaven, the kids back to school tomorrow, you’ll be sad about that? Another guitar effect made in VCV Rack- Roland GR-300 Guitar synthesizer, my version maybe a close relative or distant cousin, but here it is:

Roland GR-300-Guitar synthesizer | Patchstorage

Roland GR-300 Guitar synthesizer in VCV Rack by Adrian Bottomley | Free Listening on SoundCloud