Unstable midi clock

Hi. So, since version one i’m making a failing attempts to sync VCV properly to another software. I’ve bought the pro version being sure that using it inside the host will solve my problems but i was wrong, which made me think it is probably me and not the software…

So here’s the most basic patch sending the sequence to the DAW. The timing is all over the place, it’s like there’s a swing knob which is being constantly fiddled…

What am i doing wrong? How can i get a solid midi clock TO vcv and solid sequence from it?


Have you turned the clock resolution to. 24ppqn?

Use the CLK output, it’s a solid clock for me. I use Impromptu’s clock and drag a cable straight from CLK into the BPM of the module. Set the mode of the clock to P24. CLK/N I use for delays and stuff


Not sure how much it helps, but I noticed that the Permutation module has a slight clock jitter on the outputs

did you figure this out ?

clk/n generates a clock specified by the division set by right-clicking on the panel and selecting the CLK/N rate.

you are receiving 24ppqn , 48ppqn an so on instead a clock pulse , , you should put in the middle a clock, yo could use clocked and set the mode to the specified ppqn

feed the clocked with the Nclock (bpm) and the stop start Inputs, also, you could set the clocked to reset on stop and start

Impromptu Clocked

I’ve been using the CLK rather than CLK/N and it’s stable, never had it working right with CLK/N.

For me to get clock into Permutation it’d be

MIDI>CV module (CLK) to CLOCKED module (BPM)

CLOCKED module use MODE - button to select 24 ppqn mode


Part of the reason some people are experiencing issues with this while others aren’t is because DAWs are not made equal. FL Studio, per example, has a REALLY jittery clock output, which will ruin your day when it comes to syncing outboard gear. Unfortunately, this issue also seems to crop up in VCVRack.

as @3HR said it will depends of your daw, renoise for instance is pretty stable, and using a track to send gates is rock solid, same result that adding clocked to your patch