unless modules : SNAKIA, táncor, room, towers

anniversary update!

4 new modules : SNAKIA, táncor, room and towers


It’s been a year since I found Rack and begin developing modules. I wanted to celebrate this with another classic game emulation, similar to piong that started it all.

I found Snake to be a worthwhile modulation source since it kinda resembles a sequencer and has very few components that make up the gameplay. I also just really like this game… It became SNAKIA, a faithful emulation of Snake (or at least how it was on my first cell-phone).

room is a helper utility that can move/arrange a row of modules at once. It’s meant to help with managing larger patches more easily.

táncor is a recursive gate pattern generator for creating unusual rhythms. It was inspired by the Cantor set, it has 5 levels each doubling the amount of gates like a leaves on a binary tree and the spacing of the gate cells on lower levels are dependent on the spacing on higher levels, giving rise to swingy, self-similar loops.

towers is a sort of boring fader-bank style polyphonic voltage source with handy modulation options. I made it as a complement for another module that didn’t make this update. It can be used in any polyphonic situation where you want to adjust values for each voice separately.

you can add my plugin from the library

or read more about them in the manual (a work in progress)

have fun!


Hi @unlessgames, should we be able to move the “thing” on the bottom of táncor , like the image below, I even moved it onto the grid, and could not get it back down ? BTW love the “room” .

Greetings Peter.


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no, lol. maybe I left in some drag functionality that I’ve used to figure out where to put it x) I’ll fix it soon!

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