Unknow Caller - My new patch!

This patch use a retail VST plugin called CHIPSPEECH. If you don’t use that plugin you can use AUDIBLE INSTRUMENTS MACRO OSCILLATOR 2 and set it to VOWELS AND SPEECH SYNTHESIS. Despite Chipspeech got way superior flexibility in speech synth, Macro Oscillator 2 is a very good alternatives. And if you feel very very retro, I suggest to use NYSTHI S.A.M. and edit the


file so that you can put the words or sentences you prefer (remember to make a backup of the original sam.dat!!!)



That’s a fun patch. I’d like to hear a dirtier, harder electro version!

Hey, thank you!

I don’t have the slightest idea on how to make it “dirtier, harder, electro” tho! Any suggestion is welcome so I can try to work on it! :wink: