Unexpected difficulties with developing Rack for DAWs?

Are you facing any unexpected difficulties with the development of this? I try to follow your dev blog, but was curious if things are going smoothly

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Obviously I can’t speak for @Vortico and I have no inside information but my experience with software development is, as they say, that the first 90% takes 90% of the time and the last 10% takes 90% of the time. It really is almost impossible to predict how long projects will take when completion is defined by features and not hard external deadlines.

Anyway, good things are getting added regularly and shown off in livestreams, and some pretty substantial stuff (Library! Soundstage!) has come out in the meantime. My strong impression is that V2 and Rack for DAWS are moving along just fine.


I agree with You. But allow me a small correction: the first 80-90% consumes 10-20% of time and resources, and the the last 10-20% consumes 80-90%. My experience is the 80-20 rule, but this is only a small detail. Cheers, Remo

don’t forget Hofstadter’s law either ^^


Sure :wink: