Understanding CPU usage

Hi everyone.

Total beginner here just hoping for a bit of advice.

Latest ASIO drivers installed
4 Core i5, 8 GB RAM, Win 10 Pro,
Behringer Xenyx 302 USB mixer,
Block size 4096, sample rate 44.1 (matched in the engine tab) and threads set for “most modules” and yet I cannot make any music.

When I open the programme and even remove all the modules apart from Audio 8 all I get is CPU usage spiking and staying at 95%.

Is there a fundamental step I am overlooking? My PC specs seem to match up and I have no other music programmes installed atm.

Any advice would be as welcome as the day is long.

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The 95 % on the audio 8 module mean you have 95 % of cpu left :wink:

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Set threads to 1, using more threads should only be used if you are running out of CPU on 1 core and lower the block size.

Ahhh…I saw the red line peaking and thought the worst. Very new here.

Thank you sir.


Will give it a go, many thanks sir.

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Hello again.

I tried all suggestions and sadly little has changed.
I reinstalled VCV, disabled any conflicting drivers (using only ASIO4all), and still only getting clicks, pops and snippets of broken sound while the Audio 8 module CPU usage pulses between 15-30% (which doesn’t remedy even when all modules in front of it are disabled)

I really want to get to grips with this new way (for me at least) of making sounds but wow…confusing/steep learning curve I guess.

Any tips, advice greatly appreciated folks.

Maybe try WASAPI to see if there’s any difference?

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I’ll give that a go. I keep getting the feeling I am skipping a really obvious step somewhere along the line.

Thank you

Worked like gangbusters.

Bravo and thank you.

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A4A has not been updated in 2 years. It is not too compatible with rack anymore, a lot has changed in rack since pre v1.

I’d probably get a decent dedicated audio interface with ASIO drivers. The Xenyx 302 is really just a pre-amp for Recording voice / Podcasting.


I have been looking at a Focusrite in fact, the Xenyx has been a faithful staple for live stuff but here it’s met it’s match I guess.

Many thanks again, much appreciated.


I don’t know if this is any use or can be integrated into VCV but this is a great and strange little number that’s good fun for mangling audio.

Focusrite will be a big step up from what you currently have alright but they’re overrated imo, still very good for their price mind you. I have a 2nd gen 2i4 and it’s a bit meh. 3rd gen Scarlett have been released recently but I’m not too sure how different they are performance wise. They also released new drivers and bundled 2nd/3rd gen drivers so if you do get a 2nd, my advice would be to stay on 2nd gen drivers for better performance.

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Sage advice, thank you.

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