Unable to record audio from VCV Rack into Ableton

Hello. I’m using VCV Rack 0.6.2c and Ableton Live 10 in MacOSX 10.11 and I’m unable to get audio out from VCV Rack and into Ableton Live for recording. I’ve followed all the VCV manual instructions and I just can’t get any audio in Ableton. I’ve setup Bridge and Port 1 on the VCV Audio module, loaded the VST or AU plugin on Ableton, set it up as stated on the manual, but no sound. As anyone accomplished this? Any tips that can help me?
Thanks in advance.

There will be video from me about VCV & Ableton workflow with the full process of setup tomorrow! I hope I will post the link in this topic as well.


@VCVRackIdeas watched your video in full. Super helpful!

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